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SSI URS (Universal Routing Solution) in production and managing routing for Peerless Network's complete product line

Englishtown, NJ – April 16, 2012 – SSI (Software Synergy, Inc.) today announced the delivery and production deployment of their routing management and optimization platform, URS (Universal Routing Solution), into Peerless Network's back office.

“Peerless Network is really an excellent match for our solution. They are a dynamic company that pushes the envelope with innovative products and an agile, on-demand set of business processes. Our product capabilities have proven to be a great fit for the Peerless business model” , said SSI President Kevin Oxley.

SSI URS delivers an end-to-end solution for the automation, planning and management of routing policy for converged SIP and TDM networks. The product supports all NANP (North American Numbering Plan) jurisdictions and International dial plans in a single application, addressing all of network routing.

“SSI provided Peerless Network with a highly cost effective solution to meet all of our requirements. They came in and implemented a solution that allows us to control network costs by automating our routing update process using a flexible and simple-to-update rules-driven approach. This allows Peerless Network to manage routing by defining rules and then allowing URS to automatically apply these rules across our whole product line each time routing is re-calculated. This flexible approach was a key component in our decision” said Jim Brewer, VP of Voice Services at Peerless Network.

About SSI

SSI (Software Synergy, Inc.) provides automated & intelligent network optimization solutions for the planning and management of converged, next-generation networks. Since its inception in 1990, SSI has been recognized by its customers for delivering best-in-class solutions, a commitment to understanding and solving problems from the client's perspective and the flexibility to accommodate change to meet the client viewpoint and exceed their expectations. SSI backs up every solution with highly skilled domain expertise and decades of experience operating communications networks to ensure success.

SSI route optimizes ⅓ of the top 10 CLEC traffic today.

About Peerless Network

Peerless Network is a privately held company focused on simplifying the interconnection process for telecommunications service providers and end users alike. Peerless provides a broad range of services with reliable and cost-effective solutions to seamlessly access a myriad of networks regardless of protocols, traffic types, or regulatory jurisdiction. Headquartered in Chicago, Peerless Network currently offers service in Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets in 38 states and over one hundred Local access Transport areas (LATAs). For more information, please visit


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