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routeNOW! is a centralized network routing management solution delivered on the SSI Universal Routing Solution (URS) platform, whose role is to serve as both the database of record for logical and physical routing, and as the universal routing policy engine for any and all network devices.

routeNOW! is an automated and intelligent network-wide Least Cost Routing (LCR) solution which calculates routing according to your plan and policies, and activates routing changes when pricing and other inputs take effect.

routeNOW! is a future proof solution for the automation, planning and management of routing for converging, next-generation networks. It is pre-integrated with the NetNumber TITAN server to deliver a centralized Least Cost Routing solution that applies routing policy dynamically, on a call-by-call basis, for converged SIP, ENUM, and TDM networks.


Figure 1. The routeNOW! Network Architecture

routeNOW! Benefits

  • Improve route optimization accuracy by aligning network routing the moment pricing, network topology, and other changes take effect.
  • Improve cycle times and the ability to react to changing conditions that affect routing and cost by applying changes to a single database and avoiding the load of multiple vendor switches.
  • Model proposed changes in cost, topology, and traffic shifts to predict the impact.
  • Monitor and measure live routing for improved accuracy and profitability.

routeNOW! Features

  • Manage multiple time-snapshots of routing
  • Manage route policy configuration from a single point
  • Activation synchronized to costs and other network changes
  • Multi-scenario cost modeling
  • Business metrics based cost modeling
  • Capacity Balancing/Overflow Management
  • Cost violation indentification
  • Accrual prediction
  • One-click model-to-network implementation
  • Price File Wizard
  • Model-to-actual measurement
  • Technology future-proof
  • 0-touch network element updates
  • Route Synch
  • Route Copy
  • Screening Table Management
  • Summary Reporting
  • Route Versioning
  • Rule-defined bilateral routing
  • Route Overrides

The routeNOW! high-precision routing process

Leveraging a fully-integrated NetNumber Titan database with proprietary SSI schemas and logic, routeNOW! automatically activates routing changes as they come in effect. Heritage class 4 and class 5 environments using AIN can utilize the same routing logic and data that both present-day and next generation networks can access via SIP. routeNOW! also automatically aligns and synchronizes routing with trunk inventory, screening and static routing “helper” tables in the network elements themselves.

routeNOW! enforces a workflow which allows all the evaluation and tradeoffs to be modeled and then for the various models to be compared. The best model gets “implemented” and becomes the template for the network. As actuals are measured, they are compared against the chosen scenario and results graded accordingly.


The implementation phase of routeNOW! is tightly coupled to the analysis and modeling capabilities. The routing model used to evaluate the best scenario is implemented according to an SSI and NetNumber confidential scheme, enabling instantaneous routing updates to take effect in the network, and then be the same basis for evaluation when call detail measurements are compared back to plan.

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