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SSI and NetNumber offer automation, planning, and management of least cost routing for converging, next-generation networks.

Englishtown, NJ – March 16, 2011 – SSI (Software Synergy, Inc.) today announced the completion of phase one integration of their new routing optimization solution, routeNOW!, combined with the NetNumber TITAN routing database. The pre-integrated products offer a best-in-class, least cost routing solution providing truly optimized cost savings to service providers and MSOs offering them a unique value at a superior price point.

“NetNumber is an innovator in next-generation real time addressing and routing database technology”, said Kevin Oxley, President/CTO of SSI. “We have worked closely with the NetNumber team to make routeNOW! a unique solution with tremendous value to service providers and MSOs and are pleased to have formed a trusted partnership with NetNumber.”

SSI's routeNOW! will be sold pre-integrated with the NetNumber TITAN server to deliver an end-to-end least cost routing solution for converged SIP, ENUM and TDM networks, which allows service providers and MSOs to plan multiple versions of cost optimized routing in a single planning cycle and to automatically orchestrate complex route updates over heterogeneous or homogenous network fabrics at the exact moment pricing and other changes take effect.

“We are extremely pleased that SSI recognized the benefit of this real time routing approach by pre-integrating its routing optimization engine with the TITAN centralized routing database to form this first of its kind solution for the service provider and MSO markets”said Douglas Ranalli, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at NetNumber. “The collaboration with SSI combines their strength and expertise in routing optimization with TITAN's superior real time routing capabilities to get to the very essence of controlling P&L in the network routing space.”

SSI's Oxley adds, “This is definitely a case of the whole being far greater than the sum of the parts.”

About SSI

SSI (Software Synergy, Inc.) provides automated & intelligent network-wide routing optimization solutions for the planning and management of routing for converging, next-generation networks. Our product capabilities deliver an end-to-end solution for routing management that includes modeling and lifecycle analysis.

Founded in 1990, SSI has served its customer base loyally with best-in-class solutions backed up by a support organization with decades of experience in operating communications networks. SSI route optimizes ¼ of the top 10 CLEC traffic today.

About NetNumber

NetNumber provides market-leading converged, next-generation, ENUM, SIP, SS7/C7 and SIGTRAN addressing and routing technology to the global communications industry. The NetNumber TITAN server is licensed and deployed by many of the world's largest mobile operators, fixed-line carriers, and cable companies as a centralized addressing and routing infrastructure for both TDM and IP-based voice services, messaging services, number-portability services and least-cost routing services. The highly-scalable TITAN Master/Edge architecture provides carriers/operators with a centralized infrastructure for managing addressing and routing data for use by multiple applications that may be widely distributed across a carrier's global network. Additional information is available at .


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