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Engineering Tomorrow's Solution

SSI has built a world class support and services team who possess deep knowledge of the telecom problem domain with an understanding of how to apply and operate automated solutions to achieve measureable business improvements. Our people were born into this industry and raised by telecom organizations, and have lived through countless solution implementations and decades of planning and operations experience. Because of this unique combination of knowledge, technology and experience, we are well positioned to offer a managed services umbrella for our products.

  • We share an innately conservative mindset about network operations
  • We understand the industry climate, terminology and culture
  • We know the process inside-out and have the tools and capabilities to minimize risk
  • We’ve seen the “best in class” across many carriers and know what to do and what not to do

With SSI as your managed service provider you get the following benefits:

  • always availing yourself of the very latest and greatest system functionality
  • designed for lower unit costs
  • greater ability to manage the peaks and valleys of process volume without worrying about keeping staff optimized

Unlike other managed service providers, with SSI you get:

  • day-to-day input as to process execution and priorities
  • first hand access to user-interface system functions for visibility into reporting of business results or network metrics
  • a hand-crafted information sharing and management status protocol, per YOUR requirements

At SSI, we not only write the software, we license it, we host it and with SSI Managed Services, we even operate it.