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TRACK RECORD - Automated Network Routing Management

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A mid-size Competitive Local Exchange Carrier offering telecommunications service in 30 markets was looking for a way to reduce its costs for routing long distance calls over its network. Wherever possible, a typical regional CLEC will attempt to complete long distance traffic using its own network. Calls outside its "footprint", or "off-net calls", are handed off to a wholesale inter-exchange carrier (IXC) for completion, for which the CLEC pays the IXC a pre-negotiated rate. This CLEC needed a way to manage the routing in its switches so that it could use several IXCs in order to try to attain the lowest possible price. As new prices were negotiated, the CLEC wanted the ability to quickly adjust and implement its network routing to make the cheapest possible carrier the primary route to lower its costs.


The SSI Universal Routing Solution (URS) product provided the means for the CLEC to implement and manage complex network routing, and to take advantage of the best off-net rates available. Wholesale LD carriers typically charge different per minute rates by terminating OCN, LATA, and State. SSI URS enabled the CLEC to automatically calculate and immediately activate least cost routing on an OCN, LATA, and State basis across their whole network, including IntraLATA, IntraState and InterLATA routing.

In addition to least cost, the customer also wanted a product to manage routing changes due to network reconfigurations. SSI URS fit the bill again with its additional capabilities to automate LERG-based routing and routing re-configurations due to topology changes. SSI URS provided a truly holistic approach to routing by giving the customer total control of their network with the ability to re-configure routing quickly and accurately.


SSI URS was configured to meet this CLEC’s specific business environment and was deployed and re-provisioning the CLEC network in less than 3 months from contract to acceptance. URS enabled the CLEC to provision price changes on demand for immediate realization of savings. The CLEC was able to increase from two negotiated IXC rate agreements to seven in a matter of months. The SSI URS solution has created such a highly competitive environment among the IXCs that it has translated to lower IXC payables by tens of thousands of dollars per month for the CLEC.