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TRACK RECORD - Self Care Provisioning Gateway

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A large service provider entered into a business arrangement where it provided unbundled class 5 switch resources to a CLEC offering services in similar markets. The service provider wanted to reduce its cost structure and improve its profit margins by enabling the CLEC to self-provision its services without the use of the service providerís operations organization. The service provider also needed to ensure that the service to its customers was protected from the CLECís provisioning efforts.


SSI has provided a provisioning gateway solution based on the SSI OTR (Order TRanslator) platform that enables a secure VPN access to multiple system-to-system interfaces for use by the CLECís provisioning systems and operations organization. SSI OTR provides a Web Services interface for provisioning the following switch services:

  • POTS
  • Multi-Line Hunt Group
  • PBX Trunk Groups
  • ISDN PRI Trunk Groups
  • Voice Mail services

SSI OTR also emulates switch-based interfaces for 5ESS and DMS to provide CLI (Command Level Interface) for RC (Recent Change) commands and select maintenance commands.

Each command executed using the system-to-system interface is validated by SSI OTR to ensure it applies to office equipment assigned to the CLEC. Any attempts to "touch" service providerís resources are immediately rejected and errored out to the caller. Validations also control what types of RCs can be executed, limiting the commands to subscriber-side services only.


A "win-win" scenario was created whereby the service provider significantly reduced its operations cost while giving more control to the CLEC over delivery of its services. The solution is processing over 30,000 orders per day on a network of Lucent 5ESSÒ and Nortel DMSÔ switches.